FAQ - Brandwise


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Brandwise violate any of Facebook/Instagram’s policies?

No, Brandwise has been reviewed by Meta’s App Review team and was approved. It is 100% fully compliant with all of Meta’s policies.

How long does it take for Brandwise to hide a negative comment?

Brandwise moderates comments in real-time, meaning comments are typically hidden within 1-2 seconds.

Does Brandwise work on ads too?

Yes, Brandwise automatically moderates all page posts and ads on your social pages.

How long does it take to set up?

Setting up Brandwise with your social pages only takes a couple of clicks. Simply log in to your Facebook account within our dashboard, select which pages you want to moderate and you’re done!

Why do you hide comments instead of deleting them?

When a comment gets hidden, only the author and their friends can still see the comment while the general public cannot. This prevents any outrage from commenters because they will not be aware that the comment is hidden. Additionally, hiding comments is a reversible action whereas deleting comments is not - meaning you have the option to unhide comments within the dashboard if you’d like to do so.

Isn’t this a form of censorship?

No, Brandwise is not focused on censorship and we strongly believe brand operators should consider all feedback - positive and negative - and potential customers should be able to see this feedback. Our goal is to prevent bad actors (such as trolls, competitors, bots, and extremely vocal customers that don’t represent the average experience) from skyrocketing your customer acquisition costs.