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In this article, we will show how Brandwise can help you automatically hide comments on your Facebook page, making comment moderation easier and more efficient.

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With over three billion users, Facebook is one of the busiest social networks and an important place for businesses and brands to connect with their followers. It's important to interact with your followers, but managing comments can be hard, especially when there is spam or offensive content.

What is Brandwise?

Brandwise is an all-in-one social engagement manager, helping brands manage their social media presence more effectively. Some of Its key features are:

  • Automated moderation: It instantly hides spam, rude comments, and other harmful content from your ads and social media posts.
  • AI generated replies: You can upload custom information about your brand, products or services, and the AI will come up with appropriate responses, giving you and your team more time to focus on other tasks.
  • AI powered inbox: You can manage all of your comments and messages from different platforms in one place, where the AI highlights which responses need your immediate attention, helping you engage faster.


Why Comment Moderation Matters

Your Facebook page is often the first place where potential customers see your business. The comments section can be a space for helpful feedback, customer questions and community engagement. However, it can also become a place where spam, offensive comments, and other inappropriate content appear. Effective comment moderation not only ensures a positive brand image but also builds a respectful online community.

Common Reasons to Hide Comments

Knowing when to hide comments is key to maintaining a positive online environment:

  • Offensive or inappropriate content: Hide comments with hate speech to follow community rules and make sure the internet is a safe and respectful place for everyone.
  • Spam or irrelevant content: Hide comments promoting unrelated products or services.
  • Personal attacks or disruptive behavior: Hide comments that engage in personal attacks, provoke conflict, or disrupt the harmony of the community.

How to automatically hide comments with Brandwise

Brandwise offers automated moderation as its primary feature, which makes managing comments very easy. The AI system checks every new comment in real-time to determine if it should be hidden or not. Factors like negativity, spam, advertising, toxicity, and more are analyzed to make sure that your audience only sees relevant and appropriate interactions.

While Brandwise’s automated moderation system is effective at auto-hiding spam and offensive content, the blacklist section gives you more control and customization options. Even with advanced AI-based filters, there might be specific terms or phrases that are unique to your industry, brand, or social media experience that require attention. By using the blacklist section, you can create a custom list of words or phrases that Brandwise will automatically hide.


The blacklist section gives you the power to keep the environment positive and relevant, giving you greater peace of mind as you build and manage your business's online presence.


On Facebook, managing comments is important for maintaining a positive business image. Because there are so many interactions, manually hiding comments can be a time-consuming task, leaving businesses open to mistakes and damage to their image.

Brandwise's automated features make the process easier and make sure that your page stays free of spam and harmful content. This way, you and your team can have more time to focus on other tasks.

You can try Brandwise for free for 7 days and see how helpful it is yourself. Check out all of its features and see how it improves the social media profile of your business.

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