How to hide comments on Instagram?

TutorialsHow to hide comments on Instagram?

In this article, we'll guide you through the steps necessary to gain control over your comment section, and we will show you how to hide inappropriate comments

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It can feel impossible to keep track of every part of your online profile when you're on social media. On Instagram, you can't always control the comments that people leave on your posts, but you can handle them well.

Can you hide comments on Instagram?

Yes, you can hide comments on Instagram, but you can only do it on mobile devices, hiding each comment manually. But if you have multiple Instagram accounts to manage, it’s not an easy job to hide each comment manually. To make your life easier, we’ll introduce you to Brandwise that makes it super simple to hide and manage your comments.

The importance of hiding comments

Your comment section of your posts has a huge impact on how new users will see your brand. Especially if you are running ads for your brand, the comment section can decide if a visitor becomes a customer or not.

Actively managing comments lets you create a positive and interesting space for your audience while keeping them safe from bad interactions.

Effective comment moderation also lets you start important conversations that get people really involved and talking to each other. Taking this proactive stance makes your online presence more trustworthy. It's important to acknowledge that hiding comments makes them invisible to everybody except the person who commented and you. So deleting a comment from somebody can lead them to emotions such as anger or disappointment. So it’s generally preferred to hide comments instead of deleting them right away.

Difficult way: How to hide comments on Instagram

  • Unfortunately, on Instagram web devices you can’t hide comments on your posts, but you can delete them manually. To do that, you press on the three dots under the comment and select delete. how-to-hide-comments-on-instagram-1.png
  • If you want to hide comments on Instagram posts, you have to use your mobile device to manually hide each comment you choose. To do this, you click on “hide” under the comment. With this action, other people won’t be able to see the comment, but it will only be visible to you and the person that commented. how-to-hide-comments-on-instagram-2.png

Easy way: How to hide comments with Brandwise

Hiding comments with Brandwise is super simple because it’s done 100% automatically. Simply link your social media pages and let their AI do the rest. how-to-hide-comments-on-instagram-3.png

Brandwise will automatically hide comments across your posts and ads that include negativity, spam, toxicity, and more. This ensures your comment section is removed of comments you wouldn’t want potential customers seeing. The Brandwise dashboard makes it super simple to manage comments. You can easily filter them to find exactly what you need:

  • You can choose the time of the comments, for example all time, last 7 days etc. ● You can choose the status of the comments that you want to see, for example, all statuses, only hidden comments, the comments that need a reply etc.
  • You can filter by the page the comment was left on.

In the “Blacklist” section of the menu, you can enter a phrase or a keyword that you want, and Brandwise will automatically hide comments that contain these keywords. You can also choose which account to hide comments containing these keywords.


What are the advantages of Brandwise?

Brandwise is an all-in-one social engagement manager, helping brands manage their social media presence more effectively. Let’s check its features:

  • Automated Moderation: It instantly hides spam, rude comments, and other harmful content from your ads and social media posts.
  • AI Generated Replies: You can upload custom information about your brand, products or services, and the AI will come up with appropriate responses, giving you and your team more time to do other tasks.
  • AI Powered Inbox: You can manage all of your comments and messages from different platforms in one place, where the AI highlights which responses need your immediate attention, helping you engage faster.


Keeping an eye on social media comments is important for keeping the community positive and protecting the picture of your brand. You can easily hide spam and offensive comments with Brandwise. Its simple design and advanced AI features let you carefully manage the comments section, so you and your team can focus on other tasks.

And the best part? You can try Brandwise for free for 7 days and see how helpful it is yourself. Check out all of its features and see how it improves the social media profile of your brand.

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